Used Books – “Free on Friday’s Touch It, Take It” 7/15/2020

The Friends of the Library held a social distancing meeting in the Library’s parking lot last week.  They decided to once again sponsor prizes for a Summer Reading drawing.  You may enter the drawing by earning 50 Reading Points.  This is the same as in past years.  Categories are:  Birth to 5th Grade, 6th-12th Grade, and Adults.  There are three winners from each of the three categories:  $50, $25, and $15.  If you’ve been needing some incentive to spend some time reading this summer here it is!
Points may be tracked at home from books read or read together.  They may be library books or books from your home collections.  Children’s fiction books are 1 point and non-fiction are 5 points. All intermediate and juvenile ‘Chapter Books’ are worth 5 points.  Young Adult and Adult books are worth 10 points each.  You may place your name(s) and points on a piece of paper and place it in the book drop with your returns.  You may email, [email protected] with your name(s) and points.  You may also call 715-274-8331 with your name(s) and points.  Points must be reported and in the Book Drop by August 31st.  Winners will be drawn at the Friends meeting in September.
We have bags of books ready to go for kids.  Just call and let us know what time you’d like to pick them up curbside.  You may use your library card to order online or call and ask for something.  Please leave a message.
The Friends Used Books will now be ‘FREE on FRIDAY’ and will be outdoors (weather permitting) from 1-4.  If you touch it, you take it.
Spend some time this Summer . . . reading.