Top Readers & Drawing Winners!

Summer Reading Barnes & Noble gift card recipients for having the most reading points in their category are Tessa Fisher, Olivia Boley, Blake Denny, and Barbara Baldwin.  Category drawing winners are Navy Huber, Eric Eilo, Madelyn Matusiewicz, and Carol Noth.  Thank you one and all for another enjoyable Summer of reading, All Together Now!

Come and join us and learn about, ‘Asahi’ an exercise program that began in Helsinki, Finland in 2005.  Margaret Vainio from Asahi Nordic Exercise will be here on Thursday, September 7th at 12:30pm to give a demonstration of this exercise program that focuses on health and wellbeing.  Margaret Vainio, MA in Music, choir director, singer, linguist, and yoga teacher was first drawn to Asahi as a versatile choral warm-up. While studying for over ten years with three of the original developers of Asahi, she took Asahi to Greece and got a movement going there. Now her mission has been to bring it to the US, first to Northern Michigan University, where Asahi is part of the permanent curriculum, and from there to the rest of the country. So much physical and mental suffering could be alleviated just by getting people up and moving!

The big kids are back in school, and we invite the little ones to Story Time. It will be offered this Fall for 3-year-olds to attend with an adult caregiver on Thursday mornings at 9 am for 8 weeks, September 7-October 26.  We’ll meet about an hour to play, read, sing, & create.  Please stop by or call the library to register your child(ren). If you are unable to attend Story Time, the library invites you to join 1000 Books Before Kindergarten.  In this program you simply record points and pick out a small prize for each 100 books read.  Let us know of your interest and we can sign your child up and help you get started.

The Friends of the Library will meet on Thursday, September 7th at 5pm.

Conversation & Crafts will hold a reunion (New members always welcome!) on Thursday, September 7th at 7pm.  Bring your handcrafts and join fellow crafters at the table.  Share what you’ve been working on and/or what you’ve been up to.

Stop by anytime and enjoy The Friends Place.  A beautiful spot to recharge while enjoying the view of the Penokees.

If you’re out for a walk-through town, stop by The Friends’ Little Free Library at Gilman Park.  Take a book.  Share a book.

Please note the update Library open hours:  Monday-Thursday, 10am-5pm with Friday & Saturday, 9am-noon.

Check our Facebook page, Legion Memorial Library and our website, for more information.  Or just stop by the library. Hope to see you soon!