“Thank You!” 11/24/2021

Thank you so much for your support of Legion Memorial Library.  Thank you to the City of Mellen, Mayor Barabe, the Mellen City Council, and the entire City Crew team.  Thank you to our Library Board of Trustees: Amber Ericksen, president; Betty White, vice president; Mardy Ehrhardt, secretary; Kristi Nortunen, treasurer; and members: Tana Turonie, Jessica Jokinen, Laura Neumann, and Liz Smith. Thank you to all the Friends of Our Wonderful Library led by Kay Reader, president; Ruth Brennan, vice president; Marcy Henri, secretary; and Georgene Ericksen, treasurer.
Thank you to Cheryl Hamm & Lori Wiener newbies at the library who have both been working a bit over a year now.  We’ve worked through social distance training while being masked, curbside deliveries and quarantining.  As well as the ever-changing guidelines and practices.  Their dedication to library services is apparent.  The support they provided me as director through this especially difficult year both professionally and personally is appreciated more than they’ll ever know.
A very special ‘Thank You!’ to all our patrons who continue to be positive as we work to provide the best and safest services, we are able through this very difficult time.  “Kindness matters.  One kind word can change someone’s entire day.” Thank you one and all for your kindness.
The Library will be closed this week on Thursday the 25th & Friday the 26th and open on Saturday the 27th 9-11:45 am.
Please share your ideas for next Summer’s ‘Ocean of Possibilities’ programming.
The Library Board of Trustees will meet next Tuesday, November 30th at 5:30 pm.