Summer Reading Winners! 9/7/2021

Winners of the Summer Reading Challenge drawing are:  Olivia Boley, Blake Denny and Sara Schultz.  Thank you one and all for rising to the Challenge.  Thank you to the Friends of the Library for sponsoring the $50 prizes for the drawing.

The Friends of the Library’s Quilt Raffle & Pasty Sale will be held on Saturday, September 25th 9 am-Noon.  The drawing will begin at noon with the grand prize quilt, “Pinwheels & Whirligigs” made by Carol Noth and donated Anonymously.  Other prize donations are arriving.  Our list so far includes blue & white afghan, blue mandala design fleece blanket, deer fleece blanket, Digger blue & white afghan, aqua patterned fleece blanket, and aqua plaid fleece blanket all made and donated by Sally Sarnstrom in memory of Joan Schultz; floral cotton bag donated by Jeanne Cantu; rosemaling on wooden plate donated by Sara Schultz; Finnish Fingers Massage donated by Regina Soine; Northern Lights painting painted & donated by Liz Smith; mixing bowl & splatter screen set donated anonymously; Kiss Me Goodnight cross-stitched blanket, Goodnight Sleepyhead cross-stitched blanket, and Good Morning Sunshine cross-stitched blanket all made & donated by Betty White; and an ABC embroidered blanket and Princess embroidered blanket made & donated by Elizabeth Webster.  Check out the Legion Memorial Library Facebook page for pictures of donated items.

What Kind of Book Club Is This?!?! will meet the 13th at 6 pm to discuss, “This Tender Land” by William Kent Krueger.  The Morning Book Club will meet on the 15th at 9 am to discuss, “Resistance Women” by Jennifer Chiaverini.  Contact the library if you wish to join us for either club.  The library borrows books through inter-library loan, so there is no need to purchase books.