Summer Reading Prizes 7/15/2020

There is still plenty of time left for Summer Reading.  The Friends of Our Wonderful Library (FOWL) will once again provide prizes for a Summer Reading drawing.  Prizes are $50, $25, and $15 x the three groups: 5th Grade & Under, 6th-12th Grade, and Adults.  The deadline for recording points is Monday August 31st.  The drawing will be held at the next Friends meeting on September 3rd.  Reading points may be shared by phone:  715-274-8331, email:  [email protected], or placed on a piece of paper and put in the book drop.  Share name(s) age(s) or age group(s) and number of points when calling by phone, email, or placing information in the Book Drop.  You get a chance to win the drawing for each 50 reading points, so you better your odds of winning by reading more.
The Friends Used Books will now be ‘FREE on FRIDAY’ and will be outdoors (weather permitting) from 1-4.  This week we have weeded (Library weeding = removing books and other materials that have long been on our shelves without use or in sections needing updates.) the Young Adult books and music CD sections.  So there are a nice selection of those, in addition to our Wisconsin weeding from last week.  Stop by and add to your home collections.
As always, so many are willing to help through volunteering at the library.  Thank you to Sue MacArthur and Laura Neumann for hosting, “Free on Friday” last week.
The Library Board of Trustees will meet next Tuesday, July 28th at 5:30 PM online with BlueJeans:  You may call in at these numbers – long distance charges may apply depending on your long distance plan:  1-408-419-1715 or 1-408-915-6290.  The meeting ID is:  7152748331#