October 23 – Book Receipts

Probably not a news flash . . . we still use an ink pad and date due stamp on books, magazines, and dvds checked out at the library.  Many other libraries have moved away from this practice and print out a receipt for all items checked out.  We too, have this capability and utilize it upon request.  Some like to keep this list on their refrigerator to refer to when gathering everything to return to the library.  Many, myself included like the old school way of a date stamped in each book, magazine, or dvd.  I then know when each item needs to be returned or renewed.  —  Well, there is an online way to track this too, but that’s a story for another day.  Or stop by the library and we’ll give you directions on how to manage your library card online. — There’s now a new reason to get a check out receipt.  The receipt will tell you how much you saved by borrowing books from the library.  The total is an estimate based on the cost of the book type, magazine, or dvd you checked out.  It lists the items and this statement, “You just saved $ by using the library today.  Thank you for visiting!”  I just saved $25 by borrowing, “Flea Market Style”.  I now have use of this book for 3 weeks.  Once I’ve finished with it and returned it to the library, I’ve not only saved $, I’ve saved myself from additional dusting duties.  If I need to reference it again, well I know where to find it . . . at the library!
Library School Storytime will meet this Thursday, the 24th with Miss Laura as our guest host.  I’ll be attending a workshop in Marshfield, “Reimagining School Readiness”.  Join Miss Laura in reading, “Farmyard Beat” by Lindsey Craig.
The Library Board of Trustees will meet on Monday, October 28th at 5:30 pm.  The Handbook Committee will meet at 4:30 p.m.