October 2 – Friends Quilt Raffle Winners

It was a beautiful Saturday morning for the Friends of the Library’s Fall Bazaar & Quilt Raffle.  Grand Prize Quilt, “Stacks” made by Judy Gibson & donated by Elizabeth Webster was won by Tom Jokinen.  Other prizes, donors & winners are as follows:  child’s quilt/anonymous/Geogene Ericksen; deer blanket/Sally Sarnstrom/Mike Thewis; blue crocheted blanket/Sally Sarnstrom/Ed Ludwig; Snowflake blanket/Sally Sarnstrom/Dee Jamieson; cross-stitched baby blanket/Betty White/Sherry Lee; “Take Me Home” sign/Coreina Stricker/Jean Waddle; “The Days Are Long” sign/Coreina Stricker/Gary Davis; throw rug/Tana Turonie/Penny Hoeppner; bird basket/Carol & Rich Becker/Kendra Thewis; grey throw/Doris Grage/Ed Ludwig; set of pen & ink paintings/Liz Smith/Harry Smith; table runner/Georgene Ericksen/Lisa Wells; table runner/Georgene Ericksen/Carol Becker; squirrel feeder/Braylee Swanson, Brenna Nortunen & Rich Becker/Maxine Kruz; doily/LaVerne Friske/Paige Goeckermann; knitted socks/Ken Kritz/Sharon Hoeppner; knitted socks/Ken Kritz/Emilie Schutte; knitted hat/Rich & Carol Becker/Gary Davis; knitted hat/Rich & Carol Becker/Edna Whalen; sunflower wall-hanging/Linda Thompson/Marcy Henri; mug rugs/Pat Knapp/Sharon Heinzen; pot holders/Pat Knapp/Gary Davis; dish towels & potholders/Pat Knapp/Edna Whalen; child’s quilt with doll/Pat Knapp/Tina Gilgen; Super Bowl XLV Commemorative Envelope/Judy Goeckermann/Bunny Sederholm; XLV Limited Edition Book/Judy Goeckermann/Peg Ellias; $30 meat gift certificate for O’Dovero Farms/Anonymous/Gary Davis; $25 Dusty’s Saloon gift certificate/Anonymous/Diane Daulton; $30 Highbridge Oasis gift certificate/Anonymous/Amber Ericksen; 5 pounds bacon/O’Dovero Farm/Flossie Polencheck; “Friendsgiving” tray/Anonymous/Jim Doty; daffodil bulbs/Mardy Ehrhardt/Rich Becker; stuffed pumpkins/Cindy Nelmark/Aleta Kleczka; wooden pumpkin/Cindy Nelmark/Sharon Hoeppner; fall wreath/Cindy Nelmark/Annette Mattson; spa basket/Jim & Ruth Brennan/Joe Ricker; pancake breakfast & kitchen basket/Jeanne Houle/Jim Christl; harvest soap & towel set/Bunny Sederholm/Dee Jamieson; $40 oil change/Ultimate Auto/Josephine Zakovec; fall knitted afghan/Pam Wolfe/Regina Soine; Finnish Fingers foot care treatment/Finnish Fingers/Barb Baldwin; Finnish Fingers 1/2 hour massage/Regina Soine/Rich Becker; owl blanket/Terry Jokinen/Jean Waddle; diamond painting/Terry Jokinen/Dee Jamieson; table runner/Gerri Wrege/Sharon Kretzschmar; table runner/Gerri Wrege/Carolyn Kochel; baby blanket/Sharon Hoeppner/Amber Ericksen; placemats/Sharon Hoeppner/Henri Reader; lighted pine cone basket/Sandy Gretzlock/Sharon Heinzen; pumpkin dish set/Bootsie Jones/Ben Cheney; wind sock/LaVerne Friske/Rity Zwetow; wind sock/LaVerne Friske/Lily Reader; and wind sock/LaVerne Friske/Kerry Vitek.

Thank you to Starr & Skyler Thewis for your pumpkin selections and for helping me to set-up the space on Friday night.  Thank you to all our helpers Saturday morning:  Georgene Ericksen, Judy Goeckermann, Jeanne Houle, Becca Houle, Kathy Schutte, Audrey Trnka, Sara Schultz, and Annette Ray.   Thank you to all our handcrafters, donors, ticket sellers & buyers!  Thank you to all who donated bake sale items and all who bought those tasty treats.  Thank you for purchasing items from our Book Sale.

Thank you to Sara Schultz for your poster promotions near and far, for prize gathering, prize winner calling, prize distributing, and for being our master of ceremonies.  Thank you to Judy Goeckermann & Georgene Ericksen for your promotional articles in all the area newspapers.  “Thank You!” to Jim & Sandy Christl, at the Mellen Weekly for the space you’ve given in the paper for the “Library News” and activities.  Thank you to the Mellen Chamber for all your help in promoting our monthly calendar of events.

A very special, “Thank You!” to Sue MacArthur & Laura Neumann for all you do each and every day to make our library a welcoming place to visit.  “Thank you” for all the extras you do when library fundraisers take place.  Thank you especially for all your help with the Friends Quilt Raffle – ticket tallies & sales, prize lists, labels & display, plus.  Thank you for your, “Vanna” portrayals.  Thank you and all your little helpers who planted bulbs in our lawn.  It will do my heart good through the winter season, knowing that when spring comes we’ll have some beautiful pops of color to enjoy.

And here’s what it’s all about . . . all monies help the Friends to promote events, activities, and programs here at the library.  As well as the purchase books and DVDs.  In fact, a stack of boxes were delivered today from Baker & Taylor containing books and DVDs purchased with the Friends recent donation.

The winners of the “Library Card Sign-up Month” drawings are:  Shane Miller, Barb Bell, Killian Bard & Skyler Thewis.

Coming up this week:

The first Lego Club will be held this Wednesday the 2nd, 4-5 PM at the Library.

Join in this fun creative event for all ages.Library School Storytime will hold its first session, Thursday the 3rd at 9 AM.

Conversation & Crafts will meet, Thursday, the 3rd at 7 PM.