May 6 – Curbside Pickup

Hello! Legion Memorial Library will begin offering curbside pick-up on Mondays, & Thursdays from 1-5 PM, beginning May 11. The Book Drop will also be open during those hours. Books will be bundled from patron’s hold requests placed online or by phone. Pick-up times will be scheduled by library staff in 10 minutes intervals, to allow only one person at a time to pick-up their prepared in advance bundles.

Books, DVDs, magazines, audio books on CDs or PlayAways, and music CDs that are part of Legion Memorial Library’s collection may be borrowed. There is no inter-library loan service available at this time. You may place a HOLD online using your library card. If you do not have internet service you may phone in at 715-274-8331 and leave a message. When calling in by phone, be sure to give your name and phone number, the author’s name and title of the book, DVD or magazine and month of the issue desired.

Here are directions for placing a hold online:Place ‘HOLDS’ online from the Merlin Catalog. If you are familiar with this process, please note one important change: only materials (books, DVDs, audiobooks on CD, magazines) that Legion Memorial Library – Mellen Library owns are available at present.

Get your library card and go the Library’s homepage:
Hover over the ‘FIND BOOKS’ tab for the drop down options
Click the option ‘MERLIN LOCAL CATALOG’
In the ‘SEARCH’ bar there are additional options.
1. ‘SIMPLE SEARCH” has drop down options. You may leave as is or search by:
a. Title
b. Author (Last name first, then First name) Example: Willems, Mo
c. Subject
2. Type in the space the Title, Author, or Subject you are searching for.
3. This is 3rd working left to right in the SEARCH bar, but most important at the present – CHANGE “VIEW ALL MERLIN ITEMS” using the drop down options to ‘MELLEN’
4. Then click the ‘SEARCH’ button
If this Title, Author, or Subject area is part of our Mellen collection those will appear for you to chose from. If what you’re looking for is not in Mellen, I hope you’ll find another option for yourself.
5. If you find what you’re looking for: Click the ‘REQUEST’ button and another screen will pop up asking for your name and library card number. Fill in then hit the ‘REQUEST’ button.
6. Another screen will pop-up with the title of your request. If needed, change the pick-up location to MELLEN. You may also choose a date for which you no longer want the title or let it alone and it will auto fill for a year from the date of the hold.
7. You may continue to place additional holds or ‘LOG OUT’ found in the bar towards the top of the screen on the right.

Your ‘REQUESTS’ will be passed on to us at the library to be filled. When they have been pulled from the shelf and are ready for pick-up, you will receive a phone call to schedule a time to pick-up your items.
I did a video of my husband placing a hold online. It may help to view what the screens look like as you progress through making a hold. It can be found on the Library’s Facebook page.
Please note that items place in the book drop must be quarantined for 72 hours, before we may check them in. So your library card account, may not reflect your recent returns.
I look forward to offering you, Curbside Service.

Wishes for peace and health to you from me.