July 10 – Fun on the 4th

2019 Bellringer Run 2 Mile Winners

Bellringer Run 2 Mile Winners: Both from Camp Eagle Ridge – Amanda Auleciems from Prescott, WI and Eduardo Navarro from Green Bay, WI

Bellringer Run 5 Mile Winners: Sarah Stumpf from Green Bay, WI and Cody Hill from Littleton, CO

The 36 Annual Friends of the Library’s Bellringer Run was a success, due to the time and dedication of its many volunteers. Planning and work on the run begins in January. Months of making connections with volunteers, sponsors, donors, families and individuals. All the people who help before, during and after the event. All wanting to contribute to the success and celebration of our communities 4th of July. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are appreciated. Your time, your dedication, your patience are all valued.

Thank you to all who volunteered to make the Frog Jump a success! This fun family event has been going on for many, many years . . . anyone have the actual year it began? Longer than the Bellringer? This year I received a phone call from Chuck Hawkinson asking to donate trophies in memory of Kent Goeckermann. A wonderful tribute to the dedicated Copper Falls Park Superintendent and prolific reader. This year’s winners were thrilled to win not only ‘green’ money, but a green jeweled trophy! Thank you Chuck for the trophies and the cute and colorful jumping frogs each child received.

The Friends of the Library will meet Thursday, July 11th at 5 PM to wrap-up the race. They will also be discussing the Quilt Raffle.

This week’s Thursday night at the Library activities include rock painting at 6 PM and a movie at 7 PM. Join us!