Delivery Service Is On Hold 11/4/2020

There will be no library deliveries from our van service until November 9th at the earliest.  Our library system staff is in a 14-day quarantine due to potential coronavirus exposure.  If you have holds that are in transit, they won’t be available until delivery resumes.  Books, DVDs, and magazines are still available from the Mellen Library shelves to check out and pickup with our Curbside service.
To see what’s available at Legion Memorial Library, use the Merlin Catalog, and select the Mellen library specifically.  Then you’ll be able to see what’s available from our library.  You may continue to place holds from other libraries, but it will take some time before our delivery begins again.  Or you may call and have the library staff do a search for you and pull from our shelves.  We’ll check the books out to you and set up a pickup time.  Books are checked out for 3 weeks and may then be returned to the outdoor book drop.
You may request a theme bag be put together.  Call and let us know what interests you, we’ll pull from our shelves and set up a Curbside Pickup time for you.  Curbside is now available from noon to 6 PM, Monday through Thursday and from 9 AM to noon on Friday & Saturday.  Call 715-274-8331 to make a request and/or pickup appointments.