Children’s Book Week 5/4/2022

This is Children’s Book Week!  It first began in 1919 and is now celebrated twice a year.  Once in May and then again in November.  It is our nation’s longest running literacy initiative.  This quote from Frederic G. Melcher “a great nation is a reading nation” shares his thought behind promoting literacy through children’s books.  Melcher along with Franklin K. Matthiews and Anne Carroll Moore moved forward with their plan to engage our country coast to coast in celebrating the joy of reading.  And the celebration continues 100+ years later.
Do you remember your favorite book from childhood?  What was it?  If you’d like to share it on our Facebook page, Legion Memorial Library, please do.  When was the last time you read it?  If you can take time this week to share it with a child in your life.  Or just take the time to read it all on your own.  Enjoy. We have a great selection of old favorites and new books on our shelves.  Make a point to stop by the library with your favorite children this week to check them out.
We have a new Take & Make project out for May.  We also have ‘How to Draw’ sheets out shared by illustrators for Children’s Book Week.
Work has rebooted on our Outdoor Space!  We’re so excited to see the progress each day.  A whole new space will be available for our Summer activities.  We’ll keep you posted.
The Friends of the Library will meet this Thursday, May 5th at 6 pm.  Our outdoor space and the Bellringer Run will be on the agenda.  If you’re on Instagram, The Friends have set up an account for the Run at mellenbellringer.  Check it out.
Conversation & Crafts will meet at 7 pm following the Friends meeting.
Hope to see you at the Library!