Author Jeff Hein

Author Jeff Hein will be at the Mellen Library on Wednesday, May 17th at 6 pm to share his historical fiction novel “Rise of the Red Wolf”. It is the second of a four-book series, “The Cimbrian War” based on a true story.  Books will be available for purchase and signed for yourself or as gifts. The Friends of the Library will be hosting with refresments.

RIse of the Red Wolf book cover

Rise of the Red Wolf Book Cover

Author Jeff Hein

Author Jeff Hein

Book one, “The Cimbri Appear” is available for checkout at the Library.

Jeff Hein was born and raised in Wisconsin and served in the U.S. Army for twenty years. After retiring from the military and returning home to Wisconsin, he served as a county Emergency Management Director and Veteran Service Officer. He is now retired and lives near Medford, Wisconsin with his wife Dawn and their two lab/shepherd mixes Daisy and Annie, aka Mischief and The Tank. He holds degrees in Supervisory Management and Business Management and is a member of the Medford American Legion post 147 and VFW post 5729. Jeff writes historical fiction based on ancient writings and modern archeological discoveries. He loves to weave the story together with known facts and plausible fiction that fills in the blanks and could very well have been how things happened, keeping the reader engaged, while staying as true as possible to actual history.

The kingdom of Noricum, 113 BC

Rome’s legions lie dead on the battlefield and their general, Gnaeus Papirius Carbo, is awaiting his trial for cowardice and incompetence. Inexplicably, Borr and the Cimbri turn away from the undefended fertile valleys of northern Italy and vanish back into the mysterious north.

The senate turns its attention to the war in Africa and soon the barbarians are forgotten, while the Cimbri cross the Alps and continue their trek westward.

Four years later, the northern tribes are leaving a trail of destruction across Gaul when they reappear in the Roman province of Gallia Narbonensis. Once again, Rome is thrown into a panic and junior consul Marcus Junius Silanus is sent to intervene. The legions march north to confront the invaders, as Germanic war drums rumble across the burning frontier.