Author Event 10/26/2022

Author Jeff Hein, MHS Class of ’81, was here this past week sharing one of his retirement plans, writing a series of historical fiction books about the Cimbrian War.  It was interesting to hear about his writing process and the time and dedication in which he has spent to bring his book to publication. The first of five books begin in 120 BC and is titled, “Out of the Northen Mists The Cimbri Appear”.  The book includes historical notes and a glossary. You may connect with him on Facebook, or his website: His website has a link to purchase the book.
Jeff sent his thanks via email for all in attendance and is looking forward to another visit in the future.  Thank you one and all for attending our event and giving such a warm welcome to Jeff and his wife, Dawn.  Thank you to our Friends of the Library for hosting.
Our next acrylic painting sessions will be on Friday, November 11th at 12:30 or 6:30 pm.  We will be following along with The Art Sherpa’s work, “Pumpkin Spice Candle”.  This is a longer video, 1:52:21 and is rated ‘3 Hoots’, so please plan accordingly. Call or stop by the library to register and receive a supply list.  
Kids Cozy Corner notes:  For the little ones think about our 1000 Books before Kindergarten program.  You may register at the library and receive paper forms to keep track of books in 100 increments.  Or you may keep track using an online app.  For each 100 books read your child will receive a small incentive prize to be picked up from the library.  Once 1000 books have been read, your child will receive a t-shirt and a certificate.  “Plant the seed for lifelong learning by growing a reading relationship with your baby.”
Kids in Kindergarten and above are invited to continue reading and earn fun patches.  Pick up a tracking sheet to fill in at home.  Once filled return it to the library for a patch.  We have about 20 canvas bags left to pass out to those wishing to participate.  You may add patches to the book bag or ?  We look forward to seeing where you’ll be adding your patches to a hat, jacket, or backpack?
Hope to see you soon at the library.