2022 Summer Reading Garden Visit 7/6/2022


2022 Garden Visit at Cathy & Dan Kern's

2022 Garden Visit

Thank you to Cathy & Dan Kern for hosting a garden visit for the Library’s Summer Reading program.  Their lovely garden is set under and around a small grove of trees with an arbor entrance. Gently curved brick pathways divide their plantings with little surprises placed here and there for added interest. My favorite was a little reader.  A variety of hostas,  astilbe, creeping Jenny were among a few of their plants. The peonies were in bloom. 

Cathy led the Mellen Beautification Committee for a number of years and has now passed that on to her daughter, Jessica.  Cathy remains a constant presence of planning, prepping, and care of the beautiful plants, flowers, and decorations and decorations around town.

Visitors and locals alike, often share how beautiful our city and its parks look when stopping by the library. Thank you for the work you do to make our community a better and more beautiful place to live and grow. Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden with us.