Window Decorations 3/3/2021

We would like to encourage everyone to participate in our “Help Decorate for Spring” project!  We have a variety of spring pictures to take and color and/or decorate.  All pictures will be placed in the windows at the library to help us decorate for spring.  This project and library promotion is for kids and adults alike.  We have spring pictures for kids and for adults.  This is not a coloring contest, just a fun project for all.  Each entry, up to three times per person, will be placed in a drawing.  We have five different age catagories:  Adults; Grades 9-12; Grades 6-8; Grades 2-5; Grades 1 and under (all preschool ages included).

Names will be entered into a drawing, one name selected from each age category.  A $10.00 prize will be given to one lucky winner from each category!  Call the library to request your spring pictures.  Please put your name along with your age category on the back of each entry.  When complete, just give us a call to let us know when you would like to drop them off so we can start to brighten up our library windows!

Legion Memorial Library, as part of the Northern Waters Library Network (NWLN), invites you to participate in the first Read Across Wisconsin, in honor of Read Across America. We’re inviting patrons from all 29 NWLN libraries to submit photos of all the creative and different ways you may read. Submit photos of you or your loved one reading to another person, to a pet, outdoors, in a different position other than sitting, by a local landmark, with your favorite book or with your favorite beverage or snuggle blanket. All photos will become part of an online gallery.

Please email your photos with your name, library name, a picture (.jpg or .png format) to [email protected] and using the subject line of “Read Across Wisconsin.” By submitting your image(s) to NWLN you agree that you are the original owner of said image(s) and that you give NWLN consent for the use of the image(s) for reproduction, public display and distribution.

For more information, call the library at 715-274-8331. To stay informed of library hours and events, visit and find the library on Facebook.