June 25 – Bellringer Run is next week!

Thank you to all our Bellringer Run Sponsors! We so appreciate all the support you show the Library and our Friends.

Registration for the run is still available up until 8:15 AM on July 4th . . . but our t-shirt order has been submitted and no t-shirts are available. Thanks to one and all who have registered early!

Thank you to all our volunteers . . . Helping with signs, registration, t-shirt counts, flags, water stations, and so much more! We’re still in need of additional volunteers, so if you have time on the 4th and would like to help out let us know at the library.

A Universe of Stories continues at the library. Space Stickers and a group coloring sheet are the Drop-In Projects of the week. Stop by Thursday, June 27th at 6 PM for our mini-garden project. If you have special odds and ends you’d like to add to your garden, you are welcome to bring them. This will be followed by a movie at 7 PM, “Babe”. It’s about a pig and his barnyard friends. You are welcome to bring your own snacks for the movie.