Destination Book Club

The last of our Summer Reading Destination Book Clubs will take place next Monday, August 14th at 6 pm at Sunshine’s Agriculture Farm Experience to discuss, “Sunflower Sisters” by Martha Hall Kelly.  Sunshine’s reports flowers are at their peak this week!  They should still be looking great on Monday night for Book Club.  The 2023-24 Book Club lists are available in bookmark format and on the Library’s website.  Let us know if you’re interested in joining the Monday night or Tuesday morning club.  They each meet once a month.

Friday, August 25th at Noon is the last day to record Summer Reading Points

Saturday, August 26th Outdoor Movie with Summer Reading Awards & Drawing at 7:30pm

Stop by anytime and enjoy The Friends Place.  A beautiful spot to recharge while enjoying the view of the Penokees.

If you’re out for a walk-through town, stop by The Friends’ Little Free Library at Gilman Park.  Take a book.  Share a book.

Hope to see you soon at the Library!